Before buying a home, collect these important documents!

Ready to buy your first home?
Your first step is to visit a mortgage lender to see how much house you can afford. But be
prepared for the paperwork that comes with it. Here are the documents you’ll be asked to
provide as part of the loan application process:
Rental payment history. If you’re a first-time home buyer, you’ll need to provide proof that
you paid your rent on time. Your lender can tell you how to document this payment history.
Tax returns. You will likely be asked for two or three years of tax returns with all the
attached schedules and documents.
Paychecks, W-2s and other income documentation. Start with at least a month’s worth
of paychecks, plus W-2 forms for you and your spouse. Do you have income from other
sources? Include documentation for any freelance work, self-employment income and child
support payments as well.
Account information. Your lender will want to see checking and savings account
statements for at least one month. You may be asked for any other account statements as
well to document your down payment funds and money you have set aside in savings.
Remember, the more quickly you respond to requests for documentation, the more quickly
your loan application can be processed!