Your essential guide to moving

It’s likely you’ve moved before. If
so, you must have some pretty fresh memories regarding what worked and what didn’t
about your move. Whether they be thrills or frustrations, moving emotions are a roller
The fact is, you are packing up for a big move and could use some tips. That’s where we
come in. Let’s get started with your essential guide to moving.
Make a List
Whether it be on your computer or on a notepad with a pen, make sure you keep a simple
record-keeping system updated. Place a number on all the boxes you pack and then list
items with their correlating number.
Supply it Up
Do you have enough boxes? Probably not. There are plenty of resources for free boxes, so
don’t think you always have to pay. If you think you may need 10 boxes, have 15 on hand.
Have plenty of newspaper and packing material at the ready as well.
Color for Organization
Have you designated a color for each room in your new abode? Whether it be orange for
the kitchen or blue for the master bedroom, make sure you have a system in place. Then
you can use either colored markers or colored stickers to identify which boxes are for which
Utilize your Luggage
Have you considered that your luggage is pretty much free storage? Fill your unused
luggage and duffel bags with clothes, towels, sheets, and other soft goods.
Pack Ahead
Don’t be a procrastinator. You’re moving to a new home, so the last thing you want to be
doing is the supermarket shuffle at the last minute. Pack early and pare down things you
don’t really need as you prepare for the big day.

Looking for a move that goes smoothly and by-the-numbers? Well, look no further. We’ve
given you the tips; it’s time for you to give us a call.